Our wedding cake samples are shipped to your door!
Choose between 4 flavours.
We also include one of our french marshmallows as a guest favour.

Our most popular flavours are:

-Chocolate mud

-White chocolate mud cake

-Lemon Cake

-Vanilla cake

-Red velvet cake

-Marble mud cake.


We also make:

-Strawberry and Pistachio cake

-Pear, Ginger & caramel cake

-Banana cake

-White chocolate and raspberry mud cake

-Orange cake

-carrot cake

-sticky date cake

-Vegan lemon cake

-Vegan chocolate mud

All cakes can be made gluten free.


Our standard fillings are -

-Vanilla bean Italian meringue buttercream

-Chocolate Italian meringue buttercream

-White chocolate Italian meringue buttercream

-Vegan Vanilla bean Italian meringue buttercream

-Vegan Chocolate Italian meringue buttercream

-Dark chocolate ganache

-Milk chocolate ganache

-White chocolate ganache


You have option of extra feelings too, like:

-Salted caramel

-Lemon curd

-Berry compotes

-Biscuit pieces

-passionfruit curd

-Suggestions welcome

(Feel free to ask for your FAVOURITE if its not listed!)

Wedding cake samples

Shipment date
  • Ingredients:

    Chocolate mud Cake : Chocolate, sugar, butter, eggs, coffee, flour, cocoa powder, milk, oil, baking powder.

    Vanilla cake - Sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt, milk, vanilla bean, baking powder & vinegar.

    Lemon cake-Sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt, milk, lemon zest, lemon juice, baking powder & vinegar.

    Banana cake - Brown sugar, butter, eggs, flour, Bi-carb, Baking powder, banana's, water, milk.

    Red Velvet - Sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt, milk, vanilla bean, cocoa powder, food colouring baking powder & vinegar.

    Italian Meringue Buttercream- Egg whites, sugar, butter & vanilla bean.

    White chocolate mud Cake - Butter, White Chocolate, suagr, milk, flour, vanilla bean & eggs.​


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